Hand Sanitiser 500ml

Hand Sanitiser

AUD$22 (Limit 6)

  • Note: Due to COVID related logistics issues, expected delivery is delayed by 2 weeks.
  • Hand Sanitiser Gel, 500ml, 70% alcohol.
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  • Customers are limited to a maximum of 6 bottles per person.
  • Due to government regulations, we can only ship within Australia at this moment.
  • Due to high demand, stock is limited and orders will be shipped on a first come first served basis from our Sydney warehouse.
  • We will begin dispatch of orders by April 30.
  • This bottle contains 70% Alcohol.

We can’t make surgical masks out of stone. Yet.

If we could, we’d be spending our time and energy supplying much-needed surgical masks made out of non-toxic calcium carbonate. Sadly, we don’t yet have the technology, and right now, we don’t have the time.

While we work to find a cure for this virus, and continue to find other ways to help, the facts are pretty simple: Australia needs as much hand sanitiser as it can get, and we can make it, package it, and deliver it. So, for as long as COVID-19 remains the biggest global challenge facing our society, Karst will continue to supply our hand sanitiser to those who need it. We’ve set a fair price that allows us to keep our supply chain running, and are limiting our purchases to six per customer, to make sure everyone who needs it, gets it.

More jobs. Fewer germs.

There is a nationwide shortage of personal hygiene and cleaning products. There are people losing their jobs because of the economic impacts of COVID-19. We had the opportunity to get access to hand sanitiser in a time of need and crisis, and a supply chain of workers and warehouses that are looking at losing their jobs. For us, it’s a bit of a no-brainer. For you, it could be a life saver.

B Corp.™ Social Responsibility

While we work to find a cure for this virus, the world needs as much hand sanitiser as it can get. It’s our responsibility as a B Corp certified company to act and make that happen. So, for as long as COVID-19 remains the biggest global challenge facing our society, Karst will continue our efforts to supply our hand solution.

Serious protection, with a human touch.

In line with the World Health Organisation’s recommendations, Karst Hand Sanitiser is formulated with an alcohol concentration of 70%. But also with Aloe Vera, for its skin-soothing properties. Because these are human hands we’re talking about.

Time to roll up your sleeves and do your part.

Stopping the spread of COVID—19 is actually pretty straight-forward. Just ask the NZ government. Here’s how you can help stop the spread of a global pandemic in 3 easy steps.

Hand Washing Figure 1Hand Washing Figure 1

1. Wash your hands.

Your mum probably used to tell you how important it is to wash your hands. Now you’re probably telling her she can’t go to the movies, or play bridge with her friends. She was right then, and you’re right now.

Wash your hands as often as you can. 20 seconds is all it takes, but it does take 20 seconds. Sing yourself happy birthday twice. Or the chorus to Britney Spears’ Toxic if you rather.

Hand Washing Figure 2Hand Washing Figure 2

2. Avoid other humans.

People all over the world are finding out that they’re not actually introverts right now. That’s too bad. Where other generations were asked to go to far away lands to fight in wars, ours is being asked to stay on the couch and Netflix.

Unless you have some sort of essential situation where you just have to be somewhere or see someone in person, just stay at home. Call them on your phone, or over Zoom, or whatever tech platform you wish you’d bought stocks in.

Hand Washing Figure 3Hand Washing Figure 3

3. Stay safe. Stay sanitised.

If you do have somewhere important to go, or some important work to do, put one pump of Karst™ hand sanitiser on your hands, and rub until dry. It will help keep you and those around you protected from spreading germs. Wherever possible, be safe, be sensible.