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Now, more than ever, the future is in our hands.

The world is facing the biggest global crisis in generations. People all over the world are losing their lives and loved ones. Warehouses and workers are losing their jobs. The world is shutting down its borders as we all try and get a handle on this pandemic.

There is a nationwide shortage of personal hygiene and cleaning products.

The next moves we make as a global community will have far-reaching impact for years to come. Waiting for governments to give us all the answers isn’t an option. We all need to step up and play our parts.

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Taking note of what matters most.

Those who have followed our brand know that we’ve always been committed to helping people and planet. Upon our founding, sustainability & environmental concerns seemed the chief global problem facing our society, and we’ve worked to create a sustainable, innovative alternative to paper that works to restore forests, not decimate them. We’re proud to have attained B Corp Certification as a company and CradletoCradle, ISO, RoHS , REACH compliancy status for our materials.

But now, we face an even more urgent and mounting global health issue. So instead of twiddling thumbs, we’ve teamed up with Rescue to formulate and produce a hand sanitiser in line with the World Health Organisation’s recommendations. It’s not tested on animals, it’s vegan-friendly, and with strong dose of Aloe barbadensis Leaf Extract and Vitamin E, it’s as friendly on your hands as it is to the environment.

We’ve never done things by the book.

We started Karst 3 years ago by asking “why?”

Why do notebooks need to be made out of trees? Why can’t our journals be waterproof? Why does the third largest industry in the world need to be responsible for creating so much waste?

That philosophy has stood us in pretty good stead.

So, why shouldn’t we make hand sanitiser? For the first time, the question isn’t why.

It’s why not?

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Stay safe. Stay sane. Stay sanitised.

Hand Sanitiser 500ml

AUD$22 (Limit 6)

In line with the World Health Organisation’s recommendations, Karst Hand Sanitiser is formulated with alcohol in a concentration of 70%, as well as Aloe Vera for its skin-soothing properties.

So, for as long as COVID-19 remains the biggest global challenge facing our society, Karst will continue our efforts to supply our hand solution.